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Come on let's go to the beach!


14.5 hrs


Food, Drinks, Tickets, Transportation, Equipment

Hosted in

English, Spanish

Group size

Up to 12 people

Ancla 1

What you'll do

Are you looking for a perfect and unique way to spend your vacation in Mexico City?

If so then I have the perfect option for you: a day trip to Tecolutla Beach, which is located in the state of Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico.

We’ll begin our adventure beneath the rising sun, where we will meet in the morning at one of the best cafeterias in Mexico City- 'cause an unforgettable adventure can't start without a delicious cup of coffee!

Awake yet? Great! Now we're ready to escape the chaos of our beautiful Mexico City as we board our comfortable passenger van and make our way to the beach! Along our way, we'll pass through beautiful landscapes that only a road trip can offer.

By noon we’ll have already reached our destination! Once there we’ll enjoy a delicious lunch in one of the many "palapas" along the edge of the beach (I highly recommend the seafood- it is to die for!)

Once we’ve made it inside the beach, we will have an infinite array of activities to enjoy: sunbathe until you have a tan that even the Kardashians would envy, swim and play amongst the cool waves of the gulf, enjoy a game of beach volleyball, or crack open a cold cerveza- either way, you will feel like royalty!

Afterward, it’s time to eat ! For dinner, we can enjoy delicious local dishes at the small street taco restaurant downtown.

Once we’re all full and happy, we’ll begin our journey back to the city beneath the beautiful Mexican sunset.

food &

We are happy to provide complimentary drinks & a typical Mexican lunch (vegetarian & vegan options available!)


Don't worry, tickets are included


Private car or  VAN 2020 model, you will travel like a king


We have limited supplies of complimentary sunscreen, towels, waterproof cases and water shoes waiting for you!

What's included

Where you'll be

Tecolutla is a stretch of paradise located along the coast of Veracruz that will be sure to offer you a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere among beautiful beaches and friendly people. Please remember that when you visit Tecolutla with us you will be contributing to the development of local families who have teamed up to give you an unforgettable and authentic slice of Mexican life.

Our meeting
point is

We will meet at the cafeteria "Boicot Cafe" to start our adventure- it is the perfect place to enjoy a good cup of coffee and wake yourself up before an unforgettable day!

Booking options

We believe in the freedom to choose so please feel free to book this experience via Airbnb or through our website directly!

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booking here with us

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